This page gathers together resources and information for jogscotland members and jog leaders during the COVID-19 outbreak, and is updated each time guidelines change. We will also email all jog leaders within a few days of any significant changes being announced by the Scottish Government. If you are a jog leader and are not receiving updates, please login and check that your jogscotland membership is up to date.

Latest advice from Scottish Government

Rule of Six: Our sport has its own specific guidelines, agreed with sportscotland, which allow us to continue to run in bubbles of up to 15 when running as a jogscotland group, in accordance with the guidelines below. The announcement of the ‘rules of six’ changes which came into place on 14 September do not mean any changes to the guidelines below. However, any ‘social’ runs, which are not official group runs, must follow Rule of Six guidelines.

Scottish Government announcement 22 September – Following this announcement, we have received clarity from sportscotland that there is no change to the existing guidance for sport. Please continue to follow the existing phase 3 guidance on this page. Regarding local restrictions: We are now going to apply a standard approach across Scotland so groups and leaders in areas with local restrictions may now follow the general advice applying to the rest of the country.

Phase 3 Return to Sport Guidance for joggers/athletes v4 100920
Phase 3 Return to Sport Guidance for groups/clubs v4 100920
Phase 3 Return to Sport_Guidance for jog leaders/coaches v4 100920
Phase 3 Return to indoor athletics v2 100920
Phase 3 Return to Sport_Guidance for facilities v4 100920

Following our Zoom call with jog leaders on 25 August, we have added the following useful documents:

Phase 3 update 2 – Zoom presentation 250820
Phase 3 update 2 – FAQs for Jog Leaders

Some key points for adult jogging groups:

  • There has been an extension to the number of people able to jog together in a group, or ‘bubble’, of up to 15 people, as follows:
  • The recommended ratio for working with adults is 1:12 so if only one Jog Leader is available, the maximum group size is 12 joggers, plus jog leader.
  • The recommended bubble size in line with covid guidance is 15
    • If the Jog Leader takes part in the session then they count as part of the bubble ie. 15 people including jog leader.
    • If the Jog Leader is leading the session but not participating, there can be a bubble of 15 plus the leader and the leader should be physically distancing from participants
  • No physical distancing is required within a bubble while jogging, but before and after jogging, you must revert to social distancing guidelines (2m), and mustn’t mingle with members of other bubbles before, during, or after sessions. However, we strongly recommend that Jog Leaders ensure that whenever possible physical distancing is maintained.
  • The guidelines are for organised running activity only. Any social running activity must follow the government guidance on households and group sizes.

Additional useful documents and links

Booking systems

For groups looking at booking systems these are some systems we’re aware of that other groups/clubs use.

First Aid – COVID-19 specific information
Please share the following links with your Jog Leaders and first aiders. These links refer to first aid procedures during Covid-19.

Resuscitation Council UK – COVID-19
UK Government – guidance for first responders (Section 7)

Mental health and wellbeing

  • Coronavirus Mental Health Information Hub from our partners, SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health), is full of advice and useful information on taking care of your wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak. Or, for a quick read, check out their Five Ways to Better Mental Health, full of timeless advice.
  • Clear Your Head is the The Scottish Government’s website featuring ways to take care of both your physical and mental wellbeing during lockdown.

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