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Existing member login: If you are already a jogscotland member, you can log in to your account here. You’ll be able to see when your account is due for renewal (which is also free), amend your communications preferences and give us useful information about your jogging life.

Please note:  We launched a new membership system on 19 November 2018. All existing members should receive an email asking them to verify their account (please check your junkmail if this is not received). You can also verify your account via this link.

You can also use our Group Finder to locate your nearest group, and get in touch with the group’s Jog Leader to find out more.

Once you’re a member

A week or two later, once you’ve been entered into our membership database, you will receive another email with a link to our Welcome Page for new members, full of handy tips, and with downloadable copies of our running programmes.

You’ll also receive a copy of Stride, our digital magazine, four times a year.

We ask all members to renew with us once a year. There’s no charge – it just helps us keep track of who’s an active member. You’ll receive an email to your registered email address reminding you when it’s time to renew.


As a member of jogscotland you are entitled to a 20% discount on AfterShokz’s range of bone-conducting sports headphones using the discount code sent to you by email when you join.

Jog Leader membership

You can become a jogscotland Jog Leader member by completing one of our one-day Jog Leader Courses. On completion of the course you will:

  • Have the expertise to set up a new jog group, or lead at an existing group
  • Be insured to lead jogscotland jog group sessions
  • Receive links to useful online resources
  • Get access to the Jog Leader facebook group

We are now asking all Jog Leader members to renew on an annual basis. There will be no charge for this renewal, but it will enable us to ensure our records are up-to-date.

If you are currently a Jog Leader, we will contact you in due course and ask you to confirm your contact details, and that you would like to remain a Jog Leader for a further year.


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Featured Jogger

Karen Walker

Karen Walker

"It makes you feel good, it makes you feel that you’re achieving things – it’s just such a brilliant thing to do."

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Featured Jog Leader

Ray Simpson

Ray Simpson

"When I trained as a Jog Leader, I became part of the jogscotland team and have a support network in place to help me make sure that my group goes from strength to strength."

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