Our first Menopause Friendly groups are all signed up!

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Pictured: JogScotland Penicuik are one of our first Menopause Friendly groups

jogscotland groups from Kelso to Kintore are embracing our new campaign to support runners through menopause, with eleven groups already signed up to become Menopause Friendly!

Our Menopause Friendly campaign aims to inform and educate both joggers and jog leaders on the signs and symptoms of menopause, support them through the challenges it can pose to staying active, and offer advice on how to overcome those challenges.

We launched the campaign last month, with the publication of three pages of useful information:

We are also now offering the chance for groups to declare themselves Menopause Friendly, and use our specially-designed logo. All jog leaders need to do is:

  • Educate themselves on the symptoms of menopause and the challenges of running through it, by reading the pages linked above.
  • Make their groups supportive to joggers going through menopause by using the tips on those pages – for example with flexible sessions and an openness to talking about menopause.
  • Share information about running and menopause on their group’s social media to inform joggers and normalise it as a topic of conversation.

Jog leaders can then sign their group up for the campaign via this online form.

A huge thank you to the groups that have signed up so far – by taking this step, you’re making a huge difference to joggers who might otherwise feel isolated in their experience, or even drop out of running all together.

The groups so far signed up as Menopause Friendly are:

  • Alness Area JogScotland
  • Buggy Fitness Group Dunfermline
  • Jiggly Joggers
  • Jogscotland Arran
  • Jogscotland Carnoustie
  • Jogscotland Kintore
  • JogScotland Penicuik
  • jogscotland Ravenscraig and Strathclyde Park
  • Kickstart at Calaismuir
  • Let’s Go Linlithgow
  • TGCR Kelso

If your group’s not listed, why not mention it to your jog leader and ask if they’d like to get involved?

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