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Monday 28 September 2020

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Started running in 2020? Why not join your local athletics club or jogscotland group?

We know how many of you have got up and active during lockdown – and we want to help you stay that way! Athletics clubs and jogscotland groups are currently allowed by the Scottish Government to run in groups of up to 15 adults, which means you can keep active, meet others, and take your running to the next level. Strict precautions are taken to make sure each session is safe, including risk assessments, collecting contact details for track and trace, no physical contact, and the appointment of a covid coordinator for each group.

Our clubs and groups have been returning to group activity at their own pace, each as they feel confident they can do it safely, in line with government guidelines. The Keep on Running Campaign highlights clubs and groups that are currently welcoming new members – whether in person or virtually.

Check out our Keep on Running page to find out more!

We are absolutely delighted that, so far, 45 jogscotland groups and scottishathletics clubs have signed up with us to take part in the project.

We appreciate that many groups are just re-starting training and that the landscape can quickly change with local restrictions being imposed and facilities reopening at different stages.

The campaign will remain flexible throughout to allow groups to join once they are able to engage new members and to allow groups to take a step back if circumstances change.

All sessions must be delivered in line with the current scottishathletics and jogscotland guidance for COVID-19.

Ready to get started? Read on to see if you would prefer a jogscotland group or an athletics club.

Both offer the chance to enjoy the social side of running, whether that’s competing alongside your club mates or just having a jog and a blether.

*jogscotland groups make fitness fun and accessible. Beginners’ groups start you off by jogging for just 30 seconds at a time. Some groups also offer walking for fitness sessions, some have members who are training for marathons or ultras – everyone’s achievements are equally important.

*Athletics clubs welcome children and adults who want to take part in regular training sessions with qualified coaches, covering track, field or endurance events. Many clubs will deliver programmes for everyone from complete beginners to experienced runners. Members can take part in scottishathletics championships.

Keep On Running campaign – more information

We’ve created our Keep On Running online section which charts all the clubs and jog groups involved in the campaign.

On the page, please check out the table headed: Find my new club or group.

Then simply use the geographical regions on the link to search for a suitable club or group. (It there are none near you, there are a couple of clubs and groups who are keen to help out by offering virtual membership/coaching).

Keep On Running!

Supporting jog leaders

Jog leaders taking part in the campaign can access lots of useful resources on our Keep on Running resources page.

In addition, to help those clubs and groups signed up for Keep On Running we’ve set-up a Q and A session online on Wednesday evening to try and offer the right advice on how to start.

The session is on Zoom from 6pm to 7pm and Zoom invitations have been sent to your campaign contact.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Development Team if you have any questions


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