Covid updates – travel for sport

Wednesday 18 November 2020

The First Minister yesterday (Tuesday 17 November) provided an update on the local protection levels for each local authority in Scotland. You can view your local protection level and access the postcode checker tool at the following link:

Please refer to the Covid page of our website for further information on restrictions within each level.


The travel guidance for sport is subject to change once the legal wording for travel is confirmed by the Scottish Government. Any update we receive will be communicated as soon as possible. The following applies to runners aged 18+

Level 4
As things stand there should be no travel into or out of a Level 4 area to participate in athletics/running (performance athletes excluded). Coaches/jog leaders can travel into or out of a Level 4 area to coach/lead, however their travel should be minimised so please consider whether or not it is essential.

Level 3
As things stand you can still travel 5 miles from the local authority boundary into another Level 0-3 area to take part in athletics/running.

Level 0-2
No change.

Test and Protect – who needs to self-isolate?

Further information on Test and Protect and who needs to self-isolate can be viewed by clicking here. This page details the circumstances in which someone should isolate and offers further explanation on who is deemed to be a ‘close contact’.

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