National Running Week June 5-11: Help support Athletics Trust Scotland

Thursday 4 May 2023

Athletics Trust Scotland

Scotland’s first ever official National Running Week is set to take place from the 5 to 11 June 2023, with a 5k challenge included in the week’s celebrations.

Thousands of runners from Scotland’s clubs and jogscotland groups have been asked to be creative about how they take on a 5k challenge during the week to raise funds for Athletics Trust Scotland, the charity that aims to promote participation in athletics and running in Scotland.

The Trust is urging participants to reflect the range and diversity of running in Scotland, on our pavements, track, trails and hills, and to celebrate the physical and mental health benefits of running together, or just taking time from day to day pressures by running solo or with a friend.

In order to take part, runners are being asked to register here. They’ll then receive a digital pack to support and promote their idea or event and can submit their time to appear on the leaderboard. All the funds raised go straight to the charity.

Throughout the week there will be an exciting programme of events such as webinars, competitions and meet-ups to support those taking part in the 5k challenge.

Sponsored by FWB Park Brown, National Running Week aims to raise funds for Athletics Trust Scotland, by marking the positive impact that running and athletics has on those who take part – while helping those who currently can’t access the sport.

All the funds raised will go to the Transforming Lives Project, set up by Athletics Trust Scotland to support those underrepresented in the sport including those with a disability, in poverty or from ethnically and culturally diverse communities.

Pam Thomson (below) is one of a number of joggers to have shared her story in our own Stride magazine in support of the Transforming Lives Project. She explained how she went from reluctant runner to falling in love with the sport – and controlling her diabetes in the process – read Pam’s story.


Paralympian and Athletics Trust Scotland trustee Jo Butterfield (pictured) said: “We are delighted to launch National Running Week in Scotland and we hope that walkers, joggers, runners and pushers from around the country will sign up, helping us to raise much needed funds for our Transforming Lives Project and supporting those at a significant disadvantage.

“Personally, my life dramatically changed on the 28 January 2011, when I became paralysed from the chest down due to a C5/6 spinal cord Injury. I didn’t see this one coming and had even less idea of how to move forward. It would have been very easy to give up and just accept a life with little hope and even less excitement. The future felt pretty grim.

“But now I find myself sitting here as a multiple world & Paralympic champion. Sport – in particular athletics – gave me my life back and has made me feel alive again. Athletics really did transform my life and I wholeheartedly believe that together, through ATS, we can transform the lives of many many more, through participation in sport.”

Chair of Athletics Trust Scotland and West End Road Runners Club, Graeme Jack said: “This is a unique opportunity for runners who benefit from their participation, to help others. I’m looking forward to seeing what clubs, groups and individuals do and I’m sure the running community will come up with really creative ways of walking, jogging, running or pushing 5k during the week.

“My own club plans to meet neighbouring club Garscube Harriers at a local parkrun for a ‘mob match’, with all runners and volunteers contributing to the 5k challenge. It’ll be fun and a great way to mark the first National Running Week.”

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