jogscotland start wave at the Great Edinburgh Run!

Thursday 14 April 2016

jogscotland start wave at the Great Edinburgh Run!

The Great Edinburgh Run takes place this Sunday (17 April), and jogscotland members will all be able to start the race together, with a dedicated jogscotland start wave!

You don’t need to have registered specifically as a jogscotland member on your race entry – whatever colour your bib, you can make your way to the dedicated jogscotland start area just in front of the pink wave – it will be well-marked. You’ll get a special jogscotland shout-out from the announcers, and will then line up on the start line together with all the other jogscotland groups who have gathered together, for a dedicated send off!

It will be the second time that the Great Run Company have dedicated a special start wave to Jog Scotties – at last years’ Great Scottish Run, lots of our groups were able to start together, making the day extra-special for all those involved. As well as giving everyone the chance to meet other groups from around the country before the race, commentator Bryan Burnett made sure we started with an extra-special cheer as we crossed the start line together.

jogscotland start wave at the Great Edinburgh Run! 1

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