Important documents for jog leaders

Wednesday 14 December 2022

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We’d like to let jog leaders know that our website now links to a range of updated and new documents from UK Athletics, which all jog leaders need to be read and be aware of.

Jog leaders should be prompted to view these documents when they receive or renew their licence, but as that only happens every three years, we would ask all jog leaders to take a look at them now and ensure they are aware of their contents. They’re full of useful advice and important information. For newly-qualified leaders, reading them will make sure you know how to set off on your leading journey, and for those who qualified some time ago, they provide a very useful refresher.

They include a New PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) and New Risk Assessment Template. There are also important documents such as the Codes of Conduct and Terms and Conditions of being a licensed jog leader, an online accident report form, and several other documents.

It is every jog leader’s responsibility to read all of these documents – they are linked from the Jog Leader page of our website, so do please set aside some time to make sure you’re on top of their contents.

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