Become a jogscotland Jog Leader!

Friday 5 February 2016

Become a jogscotland Jog Leader!

Could you inspire others to get active? At the heart of jogscotland are our Jog Leaders – they inspire, encourage and guide our members, from complete beginners to experienced runners.

You don’t have to be fast to be a great Jog Leader – some of the very best are people who were recently beginner joggers themselves and remember how it felt.

All it takes to become a Jog Leader is to complete our enjoyable one-day course. Through a combination of classroom and practical sessions, you’ll learn about:

  • Setting up, organising and publicising your group
  • The things that can stop people leading an active lifestyle, and how to help overcome them
  • Getting people started and leading them through our progressive jogging programmes so they enjoy real improvements in their fitness
  • Planning sessions and keeping them interesting
  • Our fun, friendly ethos
  • Managing mixed-ability groups

Once you complete the course you’ll have all the knowledge you need to set up your own jogscotland group, or to become a leader in an existing group. You’ll receive a copy of our helpful Jog Leader manual, a high vis Jog Leader bib, and get access to the lively, friendly Jog Leader facebook group, where you can receive support and advice from other Jog Leaders.

Interested? Take a look at the forthcoming courses and give it a go!

Not sure? Check out this recent blog post from new jogscotland group, the Runbetweeners and see what they thought of the course.

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