jogscotland groups affiliate as scottishathletics clubs

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Two jogscotland groups were accepted as affiliated scottishathletics clubs at the recent scottishathletics board meeting. Congratulations to Ron’s Runners (pictured) and Newton Road Runners, who now continue with all the benefits of being jogscotland groups, but also have the advantages of being an athletics club.

Affiliating to scottishathletics is an option for jogscotland groups that would like to receive support from scottishathletics, opens the way for members to compete in national championships, gives access to leader/coach development, and other benefits. You don’t have to change the sessions you offer or leave the jogscotland community, and it could bring many benefits.

For more information on considering affiliation for your group, check out this helpful page on our website.



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Ros Jemmett

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