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We have been working with parkrun to develop an app that will help us track what’s happening on the ground, among our groups, day in, day out. This will enable us to collate useful data showing just how many people are jogging with us across the country. This information will be invaluable to present to potential future funders of jogscotland and prove the work we are doing as a community.

We hope that our jogging groups will support jogscotland by using the new app. To do this:

  • Jog Leaders should download the app to their phone, and bring it along to jogging sessions.
  • Joggers should register with parkrun to receive a parkrun barcode and take the barcode along to jogging sessions.
  • At each session, Jog Leaders will scan the barcodes of all joggers taking part, to create a list of who has attended each session. They will then upload each session to a central server, which will compile information about jogging sessions all over the country.

For more information on these steps, read on –


I’m a Jog Leader, how do I get the app?
See the user guides and Activity tracker app FAQs for Jog Leaders elsewhere on this site.

I’m a jogger, how do I get a parkrun barcode?
Go to the parkrun registration page and sign up. You do not need to actually go to a parkrun, or to have a parkrun near you, you simply need to be registered on their system. If there’s not a parkrun near you, just choose any parkrun for the ‘Home parkrun’ part of the registration form.

What if I’m already registered with parkrun?
Just take your existing parkrun barcode along to your jogging group. You can take it printed on paper, on your phone, or if you have items like a rubber wristbands with your barcode on, you can use that.
Please note: When printing your barcode please do not resize the barcode (either smaller or larger) – if you do, it will not work. Make sure your browser is not scaling the print. Likewise, if you present your barcode to your jog leader on your phone, don’t zoom in or out.

I don’t know how to access my existing parkrun barcode, what do I do?
You can reset your parkrun password here to enable you to access your parkrun account. There’s also more useful information about accessing your parkrun account here.

What if I don’t have my barcode with me at a jogging session?
If you know the number that appears below your barcode, your Jog Leader can enter it manually. However, if you don’t know your number you can’t be recorded as a participant for that session.

What happens if I don’t want to use a barcode?
You won’t be recorded as a participant in your sessions within our data.

What if I want to take part but my Jog Leader isn’t using the app?
Your participation can only be scanned and collated into our data if your Jog Leader is using the app.

How do see my sessions online?
You can go to and log on using your barcode number and parkrun password. You will then be able to access your barcode, and a list of the sessions you have participated in.

If I register for a barcode for use at jogscotland, can I use the same barcode to take part in parkrun?
Yes, the same barcode will work at both.

What is the relationship between jogscotland and parkrun?
We remain separate organisations, each dedicated to helping people enjoy getting active. We recognised that parkrun’s system for scanning barcodes to record participation is a simple but powerful tool that would be useful to us, and so have partnered with them to develop a version of their system that will work for us.

If you have any further questions about the app you can contact jogscotland membership development officer Jo Stevens on


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