‘Opportunity being missed for more people to resume with groups’ – Colin Hutchison

Wednesday 14 April 2021

*Photo prior to Covid-19

jogscotland has welcomed changes to the Covid-19 restrictions which remove the travel ban for meeting people outdoors and ‘informal exercise’.

However, we are extremely disappointed that these changes do not yet allow people to travel outside their local government authority area for sessions with our jogscotland groups.

And, while we continue to be in regular dialogue with sportscotland about the Scottish Government rulings, chief executive Colin Hutchison has today publicly urged for an urgent re-think on the current restrictions.

Here’s what the changes announced by the First Minister (on Tuesday 13 April) mean for groups and leaders:

*All ages can travel across local authority boundaries for informal exercise (running etc) but NOT to organised training sessions from Friday (April 16)

*Travel restrictions to England and Wales are expected to be lifted for all ages from Monday 26 April

*Other guidance on group sizes and social distancing remains as previously (see link above)

CEO Colin Hutchison (photo by Bobby Gavin)

‘Jog leaders will help Scotland’s Covid recover’ – Dr Andrew Murray

Here’s the statement from Colin Hutchison, backed by Ian Beattie, the Chair of scottishathletics, and our Board:

‘All at jogscotland welcome the updates from the First Minister and Scottish Government on Tuesday 13 April.

‘Whilst the early changes to legislation enabling travel between local authority areas is welcomed, we are extremely disappointed that organised sport has not been included in the exemptions for travel between areas.

‘The physical health, mental health and wellbeing benefits of sport and physical activity are well publicised but thousands of our members continue to be unable to attend their club or group training sessions due to the travel restrictions in place.

‘Whilst appreciating that the early changes made are primarily to allow family and friends to meet, jogscotland feel that an opportunity has been missed to enable more people to resume participation in organised sport in safe, controlled environments.

‘The Scottish Government has now published the updated protection levels framework and once further information has been provided on the implications for sport, from Level 0 to Level 4.

‘We will of course communicate this to all groups  and leaders in due course.’


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